Feminine Creative Alchemy

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Feminine Creative Alchemy is the natural heart-centered process a woman uses along with her unique intuitive, creative and healing abilities to deeply transform any wounds or blocks into golden opportunities for flowing and sacred creative manifestation. It is not only a practice but also an organic way of living. This way of living concentrates on providing conscious awareness, integration, empowerment and freedom so that the woman (the feminine) may become a channel in which the Divine Spirit of Life can be expressed freely through her being. It is a form of purification practice that unblocks your being so that you can be your authentic self confidently and wisely. You get to merge with your soul wholesomely, experience Sacred Union within and write your own Akashic records as you live your life with profound presence from the core of your soul.

Our Creative Womb is “the holy cocoon” where we renew ourselves every month. This unique gift to women is tied to the second chakra called the Sacral Chakra. The second chakra is what powers the energies of sexuality, creativity, reproduction, desires, emotions, pleasure, integrity, enthusiasm, openness to others, joy of life, expression of creativity, adaptability, joy, intimacy, sensuality and fertility.

Our “Mother” nature inspires us to create and give birth to new life as well as visions and intentions that support the authentic expression of our souls. Therefore, caring for and nurturing your sacral chakra (among all other chakras as well) is vital to the fertility of your dreaming, co-creation and intentional creativity.

Guilt and shame poison your sacral chakra causing all sorts of unhealthy imbalances. In order to restore the balance of your sacral chakra, AND in order to harness the psychic and creative energies of this chakra, it is important to practice emotional release and flow, inner child work, healthy sexual relationships, lots of healthy touch, pleasure to the senses, and sensate intelligence.

A woman with a healthy sacral chakra is a sensual and creative woman capable of expressing her emotions. A Creative Womb with a healthy sacral chakra is a nurturing and magical cocoon where the grace of pure beauty can be conceived and manifested into this world with the potential to thrive and flourish peacefully.

The Sacred Flame Sisterhood Circle is a special gathering where we get to experience transformation and empowerment; and it is also a space to practice and celebrate the 3 basic principles of Earth Mother:

1) RENEW: (cleanse, purify and filter)

2) ENRICH: (thrive, prosper and flourish)

3) SAGE: (cultivate, develop, and evolve)

May your sacred flame be

the passion that inspires deep transformation in you;

the fire that fuels that passion and your endurance;

the warmth that nurtures and nourishes your being;

and the light that guides you to the magical unknown.

With Love,


~Emerald Goddess~

Metaphysical Artist,

High Priestess of Love and Womb Keeper of Sacred Creative Manifestation

High Priestess: Lady Raven-White Owl

Medicine: Moon Jaguar Sees the Dawn

"Allow your essence to flow with the magic of your creativity. As you invite inspiring growth in, you will easily release all of that you have outgrown."

~ Emelina ©

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