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Some years ago, I had my artwork and many of my prints being displayed for sale at a local shop. From time to time, I would stop by to check in with the owner regarding sales, re-stocking, questions, and anything else about my products. One day, I drive to this shop to realize that the store was empty. The store sign was gone. The place had a “For Rent” sign. All of my stuff was gone without any notice.

I drove to the parking lot and I parked there for a bit. I stood there. I stood still for a bit and quiet. My son, who was sitting in the back asked me: “Aren’t you upset and worry about this situation Mom?”

Then I said to him: “I don’t know. For some reason, something inside of me is very still, neutral and peaceful about what I am observing. Something inside of me tells me that it is going to be ok.”

I called the shop owner and she said to me that she had an issue with the person she rented the space from and that she had to vacate quickly since it was about the end of the month. She had taken all of the store products and items to her house and was storing them inside her garage in the meantime while she was waiting on the new place to become open. It happened so quickly for her (she said) that she really didn’t get a chance to call anyone except for the people she needed to help her move all the stuff.

Now, she didn’t have that many vendors and she could have sent us a group text. That takes about 5 minutes. There was for sure a lack of consideration and communication in this matter. Both of which are important in any partnering, especially in business.

But I still didn’t get upset. I made arrangements with her to pick up all of my items from her home. When I did, we had a conversation, I got to learn more about the situation, and get a feeling about where I stood in all of this.

As I was loading my car with framed prints and canvases, I noticed some of them had minor scratches she was responsible for because the pieces were handled improperly.

Then I heard my inner voice speak really clear to me:

1) I am grateful I was able to recover all of my items. 2) The scratches are undesirable but they are minor and easily repairable. 3) I am clear about stopping doing any business with this person.

I left her place in good terms and I wished her success with her store once she re-opens in the new space.

I took what belonged to me and headed back home feeling grateful that I was able to recover all of it. And she also gave me money for the items that have been sold at her store.

About 20 yrs ago, I had a similar experience but worse. The coffee shop that was displaying some of my original pieces had gone bankrupt and sold all items inside the store in an auction including the artwork that didn’t belong to them. A person that knew me and my work was helping the people who had bought the whole thing. She recognized one of my paintings and called me. She rescued it for me. The other pieces were gone somewhere, lost. But thankfully, the one painting that I recovered was in very good conditions and I sold it to a very nice man a few weeks later.

So when this recent incident happened, my first thought was to remember the unfortunate event from twenty years ago. But something inside of me was telling me that it wasn’t the same thing. I could have panicked, gotten angry, upset, really upset, sad….

Instead, my inner state in this situation was calm, still, neutral, at peace. My intuition was telling me clearly that everything was going to be ok in this case. That I hadn’t lost what I thought appeared to be lost. My intuition was picking up more information than what my eyes were able to see at that moment.

This is just one scenario of many.

From my point of view and experience, integrative/holistic intuitive intelligence can be more complete than sole intellectual conclusions.

The still point of neutrality, the door opener to infinite possibilities, the void where creation and creative thinking for problem-solving and conflict resolution are born. A life navigation system innate to our unified fields and wholesome bodies. The place, state of awareness and being where there is non-judgment so that wise discernment can take its place, guiding you from the purest source: -The soul within-your-heart- Moving you to dance life with steps that are nourishing and fulfilling… Understanding that the dance steps are unique experiences for each of us on the path to joy-full living. ~I AM Wise Understanding

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From Wise Stories of A Curious Mother Crone: The Magic of Mystical Poetry--coming soon!

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