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Practical Mystic, Metaphysical Artist, Mystical Poet, Creative Author, Magical Singer/Lyricist, Intuitive Dancer, Mother, Sister & Wife. 

Teacher of Creative Spirituality:

Organic Feminine Creative Alchemy, Sacred Creative Fertility, and The Flow of Sacred Creative Manifestation.

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I enjoy honoring the changes of the seasons while dancing life at my own pace and respecting my body’s unique rhythms the best way I can.  I grow as a person every day; I thrive as a human being with the lunar cycles as I tune in to the moon’s many phases.  I like to listen to the birds around me, watch the stars blink at night, connect with trees, touch the ground, and I love swimming in the ocean when I get to travel.  I AM a homeschool mom and I feel deeply grateful for the opportunity to teach and play with my child every day.  In my free time, I create songs, write poetry or short stories, play with art, and/or some other creative craft, and I love to dance at home to a variety of African drums.

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Metaphysical Artist ~
High Priestess of Love 
Womb Keeper
of Sacred Creative Manifestation

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