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Family Magic (Board Game)

Play being creative and share your self and your soul expression with the rest of the participants

Each player takes a turn, roll the dice and move forward until you reach the merkabah star inside the circle of life. In the meantime, every one gets to enjoy their journey by growing and expanding from within each time you stop by any of the activation symbols that invite you to share your self and your soul expression with the rest of the participants. The purpose of this game is to develop more authentic and intimate relationships among the participants while enjoying each other’s presence and self/soul expression. This game encourages and supports self-awareness, intuition, authentic self/soul expression, imagination, creativity, empathy, interconnection, independent thinking, uniquenes/originallity, individuality, communication, collaboration, self-confidence and trust, introspection, self-reflection, possibility and prosperity conscioussness. The game is over once all players reach the merkabah.

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FINAL cover image GC2.jpg

"Growing and Changing: a very special love story"

is an illustrated short story about parenting and relationships.  Inspired by true stories I have experienced as a woman, as a mother, and as a creative being.

With infinite love & gratitude,


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