A new book for a new moon chapter in life

My dear community,

I hope that you are staying well and safe. I am flowing with the shifts and changes of our times to the best of my ability. In the meantime, I have recently given birth to my third book of mystical poetry and wisdom titled: "Dancing Creative Fire: The Intimate Relationship with My Creative Soul."

This book was inspired by the Principles of The Artist's Way from Julia Cameron's teachings and by the 5 Agreements-Toltec Wisdom shared by Don Miguel Ruiz.

People have said to me that my poems feel like reminders that nourish their soul-embodiment and personal congruence. But the poems in my books are about my personal truth and journey. If you feel that they serve your journey also, I feel honored.

This particular book “Dancing Creative Fire: The Intimate Relationship with My Creative Soul" is magical to me and it represents the integration of my own inner evolution. With my soul’s guidance through my poetry and other creative work (included in my personal spiritual practice), I have been able to balance my hormones and nervous system. I have been able to develop resilience and endurance in addition to enhancing my creativity and increasing harmony in my relationships.

I AM very grateful for the work of Julia Cameron "The Artist's Way" and Toltec Wisdom written by Don Miguel Ruiz. They have been two of many of my precious teachers I have learned from on the subjects of creative flow, how to live a creative life and how to allow your creative spirit thrive regardless of what is going on in the world.

I have learned to shed tears but not to get stuck in worrying or suffering. I have learned to live in joy and gratitude more consistently. This way of living has gifted me with more presence, patience, understanding, compassion, vitality, energy, courage and stamina. It has allowed me to be a better friend, a better partner, a better mother, a better daughter, and sister.

I grew up seeing my elders worrying a lot and feeling fearful a lot. I felt strong in my heart that I didn't want to live like that. I decided that the buck stops with me and I chose to create a more fulfilling path for my child and I (to the best of my ability). When I was called to bring my son into this world, I made him a promise: No matter what, I would be a present, patient and understanding mother. I would have the courage needed and trust in life.

Many of my poems have been written inside my car, others have been written while I was waiting on an appointment or while my son was in a class. Many other poems have come to me during the day insisting to be written at a specific point in time and were first written on a napkin or random piece of paper that would get water drops or some kind of food dropped on it because I may have been in the kitchen or cleaning the bathroom…

My three books of mystical poetry are about choosing to live with and in peace. They are about flowing with life. They are about making peace with who I AM, how I AM, where I came from, where I AM… NOW…And where I may be going. They are about making peace with how the world is, how it has been and what it is now or may be becoming; and how or what I can contribute to it. They are about making peace with life the way it is, it has been and may be in the future.

One of my favorite poems and most influential poets in my life has been Amado Nervo with his poem "En Paz"/"At Peace." I learned about his poetry when I was 15 years old. To me, his poem speaks about how at his older age, he feels he lived his life with a deep sense of authorship and self-responsibility while surrendering to the many flavors and experiences that life was able to offer to him. He is at peace with the seeds he planted and the fruits he harvested. He is at peace with the seasons he was given to live and with the way he was able to live them.

“I loved, I was loved, the sun caressed my face.

Life, you owe me nothing, Life, we are at peace!”

~Written on March 20, 1915. Excerpt of “At Peace” poem by Amado Nervo/Translated in English.

Read the full poem and his biography by clicking on this link:


I lost my dear uncle at the age of 16, a year after I was introduced to his poem. I also lost several close friends the same year that died for different reasons. Their departures inspired me to do the best I can to live my life with appreciation and gratitude even when other people may not understand it. To be and live as honest and congruent as possible even when other people may not agree with it.

This has been a journey of self-discovery that took time because I had to explore deeply who I AM when I was growing up as a teen; and then as an adult, well...I continue to grow and evolve…Everyday.

My poetry and art have been and continue to be an intimate and sacred part of my spiritual practice. They are portals of expression and communication for my soul’s wisdom to emerge freely. These Sacred Portals carry multi-dimensional transmissions of who I AM. These heart-centered creations have a life of their own and they kindly and gently assist me with the cultivation of self-awareness, faithfully nourishing my soul’s embodiment, and consistently contributing to the enrichment of my being.

I feel you

inside my veins


Like a flowing river

of fluid gold

nourishing my being

with the purest

of everlasting love

as I dance

with the vibration

of my soul


erotically sensing


with every cell

in my flesh

playfully flowing

into color-full


opening new doors

that lead me

into exciting and enriching


while I AM fully immersed

in the moment

of my present realizations