Dancing Life Together

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

A Wise Story/Dancing Creative Fire book introduction:

One beautiful sunny morning in the Sonoran Desert, a radiant young woman found herself praying to the sky for guidance as she feared that her inner light was dimming and did not know why. As soon as she spoke her words to the wind, a little hummingbird suddenly appeared hovering in front of her. Then, this little hummingbird began to whisper a sacred message to her:

"Have the courage to remember what brings the most joy to your life. Once you see it with your heart, embrace it forever, and protect it from anything or anyone that may try to discourage you from experiencing your joy. You will find that tasting the nectar from what makes you glow, is the magic you have been praying for. Trust your heart and the music flow. Move and dance like you did before."

The hummingbird was gone before she could even ask a question or say thanks, but it didn't matter as she knew with deep certainty what the hummingbird meant. Long ago, she danced with her bare feet to the rhythm of her drums free-flowing like a river. This was her soul's most precious medicine. And as her entire being begun to remember, her courageous heart vanished all fears, any barriers, and all doubts went away.

Her inner knowing was music flowing in her veins…

That is how Radiant Young Woman remembered to be love. And she blossomed into an exquisite natural expression of Spirit by dancing to the rhythm of her heart. She met love in its pure form and the glow of her inner light expanded so big and wide that she began to brighten the days with her warmth.

~Dancing Life Together~ Emelina Holland © 2011

Book available for purchase here.

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