Dancing With Roots In The Spring

Bury my feet deep

into the ground

Divine Earth Mother,

so that I can grow roots

that connect me to your core.

May I be loving warmth

to all I encounter Divine Earth Mother,

like the spirit tree

that guides and feeds my soul.

May I grow tall,

wide and abundant

while expanding in wisdom

wide and deep down too.

May I always

blossom and be fruitful,

colorful and vibrant,

while loving and honoring

the cycles of my body’s tunes.

May I honor and embrace

the wisdom of my Falls and Winters

for the sacred times of quiet rest

and Divine contemplation they gift to me.

May I always give life

to all I touch and to all that touches me

Divine Earth Mother…

May my heart

always shine

like a radiant

and eternal Summer

even during the nights

while my body sleeps.

May I always live long,

rooted and with you

Divine Earth Mother,

like the enduring

still standing ancient trees…

So that I can see the sun

and let him touch me every morning…

So I can dance and sing

to the full moon all of the dreams I breathe…

So that I can feel

the white snow when is falling

and the whispering wind

when caressing my skin.

So that I can hear the stars

reciting me poems

and the afternoon sky

showing me stories.

I want to continue to be love

through all of my senses

and to make love

with all that I think and feel…

So please!

Bury my feet deep down

into the ground Divine Earth Mother,

so I can grow roots

that keep me standing

humble and strong

with faithful bright rebirths

celebrating the Spring dance

of my soul’s song

even when I may find myself standing alone.

~Dancing With Roots In The Spring~

Emelina Holland ©

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