Homage to the Dark Moon

In the dark

of the Sacred Cosmic Womb

when the moon gracefully

moves away from the Sun,

I am a child being nurtured

and cared for…

I receive all I need

from my Mother Earth,

and my whole being

gets replenished

with abundant love

from the Universal Divine Source

through a mystically glorious

umbilical cord.

In the dark

of the Sacred Cosmic Womb

I listen to the void

and the silence

guides me peacefully

into the magical unknown;

where my heart gets to see

more possibilities beyond

what my mind

could have ever

been able to support.

The ocean of my dreams

begin to bubble up

and then is when I pick

the ones

that feed my heart,

the ones

that enrich my life,

the ones

I can hold with my hands,

the ones that

with my Divine Destiny align.

I plant their seeds

inside my sacred womb

and when the sunlight

kisses the moon,

I resurface with new eyes,

and with a richer passion for life.

I embrace all life with open arms.

I am born anew as I AM.

~Homage to the Dark Moon~

Emelina Holland ©

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