I AM a Living Star

I carry a sea of stars

within my heart

that flows freely in my blood.

A sea of stars

that recites heart pulses

like poetic coordinations

from an ancient map.

A map that takes me

to inner treasures

that grow more valuable with time.

I hold a magical compass

in my hands,

a compass built

with the essence of my soul.

A compass

that gives me intuitive directions

as I continue to sail

the very familiar unknown...

This organic voyage

has specific directions

but none of them

are given to me with words.

They come in symbols,



inner knowings,

and sensations

as I communicate fluently

with the living breath of the Earth.

But the words are portals

to other dimensions

manifesting with inspiration

singing stories

of woven metaphors...

This makes my journey

more play-full,

filled with moments

of serene contemplation

in addition to orgasmic pleasures...

That is how my body

got tattooed the constellations

on my astral skin;

that is how my spirit knows

when and how

to dive deep within...

I know

how to breathe underwater,

that is a natural place for me.

I was called

"Queen of the Ocean's Fire"

before I became

an ordinary human being...

But I continued to carry

the ocean within me...

And I continued

to tend to my Sacred Fire...

The memories are vivid

in my dreams...

When I AM awake

as much as when I AM in my sleep...

That is why I continue