I AM an Owl at Heart

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I have been singing since I was 9, drawing since I was 4 or 5, dancing all my life, writing poetry since I was 10, and painting since I was 13. I got to sing in public, I have been in small and big stages,

I have also sung for friends and family without getting compensated.

My dad believed that it was better, so that the fame and attention wouldn't get to my head, and so that he could see me graduate. He believed that education was important, and that at least high school was expected.

This way, I could always be empowered, capable of supporting myself, to prevent the music industry from exploiting me and my talent, so that I could make the right choices that could lead me to my happiness.

Throughout the entire 30+ years that I have been creating art, I have sold many pieces but I have also been called to donate many of them to non-profit organizations and cultural centers.

I have an Associate’s degree in Fine Arts, a Bachelors of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an Emphasis in Professional Communication, an EFT Certification, training on Hypnotherapy script writing from SWIHA, I am initiated as a Womb Keeper of the 13 Rite of the Munay-Ki, I was an active participant in a Shamanic/Sweat Lodge Sisterhood tradition for about 4 years. I also have a Bachelors in Metaphysical Science (I am an Ordained Minister), and I have been currently working slowly but surely (during the last four years) on my Masters and PhD in Metaphysical Science and Mystical Research.

In the past, I have tutored and taught classes and workshops about art and experimental creative expression.

My artwork has been in galleries since I was 15 years old, some pieces have sold, many of my pieces got awards, but what I learned about my experiences with art shows

is that most of the people that came to me, wanted to hear about my life, my stories, and about what inspired my work.

I did several group presentations, I even did some live presentations for our local TV station, and then, when I had to move on, I went to work for an Art Institute

in a call center where all I had as a tool was my voice.

I got to assist hundreds of people each year from all ages and walks of life but most importantly, I also got to learn...

So much about the nature of people, as human beings, about what they share in common, what they desire, and why they yearn for it...

I got to learn how to be of service, how to get out of the way, how to pay attention and to be more present, how to better use my communication, and to always make sure I was in integrity.

My favorite jobs have been the ones at Colleges and Universities.

My Dad never got us novels but he got us the old fashioned encyclopedias. He was the first and only to graduate college from his family's lineage. The symbol of the State University where I am from is an Owl. Those who graduate from there like my Dad are often called "owls." And he believed education was important. He spoke about it like a lover of knowledge would.

I also somehow was born with a special connection to libraries. I am a lover of books too. But the most expansive and adventurous library has been the one residing inside of me. The most enriching education has been the one given by the life I live. That is what has made me into a mystical dancer. That is…what has opened my wings.

~I AM an Owl at Heart~

Emelina Holland ©

From The Red Rose of Venus:

The Mystery and Magic of Mystical Poetry-Part 2

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