I AM Dancing Change

Trust me

when I tell you

that I have



every single part

within me,

every single space

has been touched

by the curiosity

of my inner sight…

Every single space

within me

has been felt deeply

with the compassion

of my own heart…

I have devoured

my entire self

with erotic devotion

savoring every moment

and turning every bite

into orgasmic

cosmic sounds…

Trust me

when I tell you

that the spaciousness

within me is fully alive!

And it flows

abundantly with serenity,

fulfilling me

with each breath of mine…

Everything I touch

with my hands

feels so rich

no matter

how simple it may be…

Trust me

when I tell you

that absolutely

every part of me

has been



I have made love

to my being

with the creative power

of my soul.

I AM deep mystery

even to myself

as my life continues

to unfold…

~I AM Dancing Change~

Emelina Holland ©

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