I AM Enjoying My Sacred Root Dance

Updated: Sep 16

On my first year of college, just about when I was 18 years old, I was fortunate to have taken some advanced art classes with very precious souls as teachers and class mates. They saw me, they saw my talent, they encouraged my explorations and guided me gracefully when I presented my artistic discoveries; while always caring to protect my unique expression and style, my own voice as a person coming through my artistic creations.

For four years, I took every type of art class that I could even though it would delay my graduation. It didn’t matter to me. I was enjoying my time greatly and I was there for the experience. I worked, I got scholarships, I sold some art here and there, I saved some money…I paid for my entire college education by myself. In spite of many limitations, I found the way to pay for my classes and I continued for as long as I could until I felt it was time for me to move on and to graduate.

Throughout those first four years, I would use my weekends for creative play during open lab hours. My life experiences were recorded with lines, colors, drawings…brushstrokes, sculptures, prints, other mixed media art, and figurines. My journal wasn’t in a note book. A piece of me was in a poem, in a painting, in a drawing, a sculpture, a song, a figurine…Once those aspects of me would be integrated into my soul, I would get the call to then, let them go. And I often did.

As I did that, I noticed my inner growth would show up through my new art, my new poems, and my new songs. Then is when I realized that my creative expressions are organic and alive. They move on to live on their own, and the act of creating them, birthing them, this too changes my life. It adds rich qualities to my being. It is a movement that feels like a dance, these are flirtatious encounters with my inner realms as I experience life.

That is why being creative is so important to me. I exist because I AM creative and I create because I AM living.

Just like the moon changes consistently, so do I along with my arts. Just like all life, I AM too an organic creative being. And each creative piece carrying a part of me, has awakened dimensions of awareness within me, teaching me so much on my path and integrating valuable aspects from this and other times that have also made me discerning and wise.

These inspirations, these messages, these expressions coming from my heart and soul are not only carrying sacred information but they are also nourishing my roots. Making it so obvious and so clear to me, that all the love and wisdom I need, it truly comes from within. With or without company, my fulfillment in life starts with me.

So, that is why, I trust my essence to guide the way, because for me, this has and continues to be a synchronistic adventure that delights me with playful and pleasurable surprises.

Although I experienced some of this as well when I was a teen (as I was enjoying more independence and as I began to paint), as a young woman, living away from what I called “home” then, I had the opportunity to try new things that required more responsibility and more freedom. I had a chance to begin a new life, to start fresh, to create my art and my life from within and unbound. I was gifted with the ability to have more choices, to be just me, all of me, exactly how I was meant to be expressed.

And that is when the red rose came to me, through my art, out of nowhere. It first appeared just about when I was 18 or19. That is when my own roots began to grow deep and I nourished them consistently for the most part with my creative arts. That is when I truly started to make my own steps, with every choice, with every action, with every pause…I began to weave my own rhythm, my own sound; and just like the moon, I too, began to dance.

I was meant to create

something new

or so,

that is how it felt…

But there wasn’t really

anything new to bring forth,

I was just actually meant

to walk my own road,

to perfume the world

with my own scent,

to express the unique

intricacies of my wild soul,

and to live a life that is sincere,

honest, and free…

I was meant to create

with my own voice.

So I began to listen deeply

to my heart’s pulse

even when I didn’t know

how it would lead

or where to.

Little by little,

I learned how to flow

with rhythm

and how to be in sync.


I would try new moves,

and trip a little.

Other times,

I would fall on my butt

but somehow

I made it

work with my life…

With maturity

and over time,

I began to flow like a star.

Grace became

my faithful partner,

and joy,

the consistent rhythm

of my sacred root dance.

~I AM Enjoying My Sacred Root Dance~

Emelina Holland ©

From Sacred Root Dance:

Living the Magic of Mystical Poetry

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