I AM Exquisite Blossom

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

My womb


pulsating with love

and I feel it flowing

in the golden spiral

of cosmic wisdom

where all life is born

within me…

My womb


the sacred portal

where rich creativity unfolds

with each heartbeat

sung by my soul…

The drums

my hips dance to

are the words spoken

by the Earth,

and with each movement,

I gracefully blossom

into an exquisite expression

of the great spirit

that I hold;

and that is

flowing freely

in my human form

with rainbow colors

vibrantly showing

resonating beauty,

and deep sounds of harmony,

prospering and nourishing

all around me,

while enriching my being

with fulfilling experiences

of overflowing joy.

~I AM Exquisite Blossom~

Emelina Holland ©

Book available for purchase here.

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