I AM Life, I AM My Divine Lover

And it is in my present moments

when you continue

to softly undress me

so that I can see

more depths within myself;

depths that had escaped my curious sight,

depths that you caress

with your loving warmth.

And it is your gentle touch

the one that opens my ears to listen

to the songs of life

--One by one—

You turn them into pearls

just to find a way to make me smile.

And it is in my alone moments

when the silence speaks

louder than my mind.

You invite me

with a sacred whisper

to fully and truly trust my heart,

to trust the darkness of the unfolding,

to fully BE and live present in the now.

You then embrace me

with your arms holding strong

anything of me that feels so light.

I AM truly transparent and naked,

eternally brought back to life:

with my soul fully awakened

I AM everything I ever was

with woven strands of all that I AM now,

and unspoken threads of what I am yet to become.

You are the source of inspiration,

the one that guides me

as I write my book of life.

You are the poem in every page

that has magically made me into who I AM.

You are the sacredness

that runs through my veins,

the Divine lover that lives within my heart.

You are the dancer that vibrates my skin,

the bright star that is always blessing my path.

~I AM Life, I AM My Divine Lover~

Emelina Holland ©

Book available for purchase here.

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