I AM Loving Awareness

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

It is the grace in your touch

that excites me with pleasure,

the depth in your sight

that understands

my imperfections,

kissing them gently

with the loving flow of life

that is inside...

All that is...

Within me, around me,

and surrounding me.

You know

everything about me,

we are ONE

without hesitation.

You enjoy ALL that is me

every moment

without any exceptions.

You are everything

that I feel from within,

the presence

that nourishes my sensations.

You are the magic

alive in my veins,

the orgasmic serenity

that emerges with wisdom

from creative contemplation.

~I AM Loving Awareness~

Emelina Holland ©

From Wise Stories of A Curious Mother Crone:

The Magic of Mystical Poetry

Book available for purchase here.

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