I AM Loving Life

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The space that is within me

and around me

has a certain fluid quality

that dances gracefully

to the same music that it vibrates.

All I interact with

are portals, doors,

that move me into greater inner joy,

while deepening my connection

to the magical wisdom

flowing inside my veins.

The energy of life

speaks to me clearly without a sound,

nourishing me deeply as we relate.

It is a gentle but passionate erotic touch,

I feel it in my heart

and in every cell of my human flesh.

I sense it in my words, in my art

and in everything else

that I am moved to create.

This delicious ecstasy

sings with harmony,

it is the orgasmic breath

that comes from the Earth

while the universe makes love to her.

Life is this constant bio-communication,

it is a synergistic relationship

that travels everywhere

including through

my human form.

~I AM Loving Life~

Emelina Holland ©

From Wise Stories of A Curious Mother Crone:

The Magic of Mystical Poetry

Book available for purchase here.

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