I AM Loving Magic

I believe in magic,

in the loving magic of life...

I believe that love is so powerful

beyond our minds can grasp...

I believe that I can be everywhere

doing and being different things

all at once and at the same time...


when you see fire

I can be its warmth...

When you feel the wind

I can be its gentle touch...

When you see

a butterfly flying by,

that would be also me

coming by to say hi!

And if one day

bird poop falls on you

that would be me too

playing with you

and pulling a prank...

When you see your reflection

in any kind of water,

always remember

that you have my eyes...

When you walk barefoot

on the earth,

I will be there touching your feet

and blessing every single step...

And every time

that you meet anyone by chance


some one knocks on your door

and they bring to you

a gift,


that you were longing for,

the moment you touch it

your heart will know who this is from

and if this ever happens to you,

please make sure

that you let me know.

~I AM Loving Magic~

Emelina Holland ©

From The Red Rose of Venus:

The Mystery and Magic of Mystical Poetry-Part 1

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