I AM Nourished

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Just like magic,

love caresses

all of my senses

and the simplest

touch of the wind


new revelations

from within:


that supports all dimensions

of my life;

traveling peace

inside my veins

that feels

like a flowing river

without an end.

Just like magic,

love then engraves

my bones and my flesh

with joy-full

and precious moments

that are born

from deep inside myself,

playfully sprouting,

like a luscious garden

that nourishes me

and all around me;

enriching me deeply

as well as my surroundings,

simply with presence

and amazing grace.

~I AM Nourished~

Emelina Holland ©

From Wise Stories of A Curious Mother Crone:

The Magic of Mystical Poetry

Book available for purchase here.

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