I AM Prime Creative Life Source

I feel like a tree,

significant in my own place

and yet so insignificant in a sense

that I AM part of something

so grand in this vast universe

and creative cosmic dance.

I feel like a tree,

rooted to all

I AM part of

and fully supported

by All that is.

I AM free to BE

just because I exist.

I feel like a tree,

comfortable where I am now,

knowing that all changes

and that It always has,

time and time again...

My being feeling so ageless

my form being so alive,

at peace with every moment

deep gratitude with all that passes by.

I feel like a tree

so ancient and new at the same time,

strong and beautiful

even with the rough parts.

I feel like a tree,

so loved by the air

and the light of the sun,

nourished by the soil

and the water,




by the sacred fire

of my heart...


to all that is inside and out...


to every cell and nervous fiber,

my bones and tissues,

I AM a wholesome human organism,

shape shifting along with nature,

traveling in fluid multi-dimensions,

rooting with dreams and inspiration

a visionary, intuitive,

and organic,

pleasurable and sacred creative manifestation.

~I AM Prime Creative Life Source~

Emelina Holland ©

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