I AM Rich and Fluid Life

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

In the spring, saguaro cactuses of the Sonoran Desert, begin to show white flowers near the tips of their tops and branches. Their fruit ripens around mid-June and into early July and you can collect them until about September. It has been a while since I have eaten a “pitahaya/fruta del dragon.” But I still remember what it feels like in my mouth.

Pitahaya is a type of dragon fruit very rich in medicinal and nutritional properties. It is a gem of the desert that melts in your mouth as the fibrous-juicy flesh of the fruit comes apart easily in each bite. The texture of its seeds awakens your tongue to playful movements and sensations while the crushed fruit releases the juice: a deep red juice that feels light and fluid like water and that has a tempered sweetness to it; staining with its vibrant color absolutely everything that it touches.

You just have to be savvy enough to peel it right without the thorns getting into you. But once you do, once you get to what is inside, having a taste of this fruit changes you from the inside out enriching your biology while also shifting your way of thinking at the same time. You learn to be cautious without being afraid. You learn to see through the thorns and the skin, you learn to peel off the appearances of “things” to get to the flesh. You learn that something that may look thorny and dangerous from the outside it can be safe to eat, to enjoy, and to seek. But you just have to be savvy from the moment you enter the wild place where the saguaro cactuses live. Never mind the thorns of the fruit, you may encounter a mountain lion, a coyote, and/or a rattlesnake. You just have to be savvy to be there.

My mother’s father and her little brother used to collect pitahayas from the saguaros nearby the old house where my grandfather lived at the time. He knew how to handle the rattlesnakes and he would also eat them sometimes. When I was a teenager, he gifted me the rattle of one of them for no reason or logic but he just felt it in his heart. Somehow, when he had that rattle in his hand, he thought of me and he had a feeling that it would make me smile. I wrapped it with gold wire to make it into a pendant and I used to hang it around my neck. My grandfather was like a second father to me. He passed away about eight years ago.

I traveled with this snake’s rattle for many years since the moment he gave it to me. Unfortunately, I lost it by accident in one of my many moves when I was attending college. But few years ago, the rattle of a snake came to me again. One of my closest friends found a dead rattlesnake on the road he was on. He stopped to check it out and once again, for no reason, with zero logic, he chopped the rattle from the snake, and while holding it with his hand, he thought of me. He too had a feeling that it would make me smile.

Every time I visit my hometown, I make it a point to go to the beach nearby. A place that we would visit often as a family when I was growing up. It is a magical place where ancient Saguaro cactuses transcribe sacred stories from the stars in their pitahayas every summer when they sprout. And you can sit by the seashore any time of the day, right on the wet sand, letting the wind blow your hair while the ocean waves splash right on your face at the same time. Some times I would be eating pitahayas and some clams.

And if a random person looked at me from far away, I may have appeared to be lonely and sad. But if you were one of those close to me, you would probably get closer to join me and sit down: right on the wet sand, letting the wind blow your hair while the ocean waves splash right on your face at the same time, eating pitahayas and maybe too some clams. Enjoying each other’s presence without the need to talk, and maybe sharing some good memories from time to time.

Memories that bring tears out of your eyes but that also make you laugh.

I adore those good times!

Long ago

I was formed in the sand

from seeds

that were scattered freely

by the stars.

These seeds got wet

and flavored with salt.

Each time I was cuddled

by ocean waves

that splashed passionately

with ease and grace,

I was too


with the magic of life.

That is why

magic flows

within my veins,

that is why

my feet kiss the Earth so gently

with every step I take.

Because the cosmos

blossoms within me,

and I feel this love so deeply,

love that grows so simply

while enriching my soul

in a way that is impossible to forget.

This…Is…How my being is fed…

The rich memories in my DNA,

inner wisdom,

information that is alive,

memories from this life,

from today, from yesterday,

and others

from distant pasts;

and even memories

that are yet to take place

but that already live

inside my heart.

This is why

I like to listen and just stare,

journeying within me

when I am free

of time constraints

and gifted with plenty of space;

because to me

it is a delightful adventure

to live

and to be

fully present