I AM Snake Woman of Venus

I feel everything

but I am now found

in the sensation

of every dancing vibration.

I see everything

but I am now envisioning

with my eyes closed.

The Sacred Flame of my heart

is the light that guides me

into this magical unknown.

I don’t know

what it looks like

but I am just allowing it

to easily unfold…

I am allowing it

to keep me warm

with a blanket of love.

I am allowing Life

to effortlessly weave

new golden threads

of strength and support.

I am allowing it

to flourish and to thrive


with the Earth’s melodies


the Universal Cosmic songs.

I have everything:


In my de-cluttered

and infinite inner space

where I can be everything

shape shifting

with the Lunar cycles every day.

I have the inner space

to rejoice in the fullness

of my own soul’s embrace.

I move with profound peace

creating like the boundless ocean,

flowing like a wild river,

pouring like a graceful fountain

and prospering like an affluent evergreen…

Full of vitality,

vibrant health and stamina,

I inhale the serenity of the mountains

and I exhale

the curiosity of a honey bee.

Life then creates through me


color-full rays…

That even

the most neutral colors

and simplest of things

feel new and rich

in their own way.

Black Raven and White Snowy-Owl feathers

adorn my Sacred Jaguar Spirit’s skin

while my Serpent Medicine uncoiled

grounds rich beauty

and pleasure for life itself…

Breathing possibilities

with deep gratitude,

birthing dreams

that seed a new phase,

a new book my soul is writing

purely with unshakable trust

and solid Faith.

~I AM Snake Woman of Venus~

Emelina Holland ©