I AM Soul-Full Presence

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

When you slow down


you can taste me better.

When you slow down

you can finally hear

what I AM

singing to you.

You can feel me

touching you deeply

regardless of time or space

in a multi-dimensional way

that is far

more real

and long-lasting…

When you slow down


you can finally see me

in a clearer way,

and as I move you

with my dance,

we are here

making love

in the ethereal realm:

You and I

merged as ONE,


creating new life…

And this new life

that flows within you

is gracefully writing

unlimited abundance

for ALL that is…



and YOU

are me…

I AM the creative spirit

that moves you freely…

I AM the soul

in your human form…

I AM the essence

that perfumes your presence…

A heart field

consistently expanding

the frequency

of love and above

through you…

Right now…

On the Earth…

~I AM Soul-Full Presence~

Emelina Holland ©

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