I AM the Soul's Song

To be or not to be?

That...was...a question,

some could consider...

But some of us

didn't have the option

to go on that road...

I was meant to BE

who I AM

simply because

I am incapable

to be other than that...

Some of us

aren't able to lie

because we are born transparent;

that even our mysteries

unfold like rose petals,

tenderly opening,

one by one...

Some of us

cry easily

just because

everything feels

rich, beautiful, and deeply...

And life is

our most precious art...

Some of us

are born

with a love

bigger than the world,

and so intense

that not every person

can receive it...

Some of us

are known

to carry a fiery passion

that flows

with sincere compassion

through everything we express

even when some

may not be able to perceive it...

Some of us


with the beauty we sense,

shape shifting clay,

splashing a multitude of colors

to what looks white, black, or gray,

moving sleeping mountains

with the sound of our voices

so that there is more space

to dance on the Earth...

Some of us couldn't fit a mold

from the moment we were born.

I say some of us

because I AM One of many,

I know I am not alone...

Some of us

carry ancient memories

in the DNA of our souls

that are older than dirt.

And yet these memories

are moments that to me,

never get old...

They feel new, fresh, and fertile...

They surprise me

with exciting and graceful sensations,

every moment,

regardless of how ordinary…

I AM the essence

of what is timeless,

I AM a creative spirit

blossoming wilder and wiser.