I AM the Spirit of Creative Flow

Some events

don't speak with words

nor have obvious sounds,

yet they are made of lyrics

and exude melodic songs...

And they are also made of stories

and memories that exist in all times...

Some events

are born unexpectedly

and yet completely known

to the heart...

Some events

weave flesh and bones

with the golden fibers of soul,

and with the most graceful touch of love;

to be painted later on

with the vivid colors of the Earth...

Some events

have no reason nor names,

and yet they bring up

emotional depths

that can tangle up a diversity of feelings...

Some events

just make you cry

only because

your being needs it...

Some events

are the simplest

and yet,

they remain forever

as the ones that felt the richest...

Some events

like this poem I share

have a life of their own,

and I am only giving it a voice.

But is not

a service from my part,

it is more like my spirit

guides me

just because


able to listen,

and BE

with this spontaneous

creative art,

completely present

and absorbed...

And as I write,

the moment feels so profound,

I AM lost in a quantum tunnel

and yet clearly found

at the same time

in the ground

where my roots

grow even more...

A space that has no place

and yet it is home...

I AM deeply touched

and transformed

by this event

of runny tears

and many words...

A poem with no name

because it is

so much more...

~I AM the Spirit of Creative Flow~

Emelina Holland ©

From Sacred Root Dance:

Living the Magic of Mystical Poetry