I AM the Spirit of the Mother Dragon

The Great Spirit


everywhere in nature,

in the stars, in the animals,

within us...

It has no image

and a multitude of faces,

of colors,

shapes and figures...

All expressions

of ONE Love:

a creative unified field of life!

My whispering


what you hear

in the wind.

My touch


what vibrates

on your skin.

My heart


the vivacious

warm-light of Love that YOU feel inside.

My wisdom


the abundant current

that flows throughout your veins

and within your bones.

I AM the spirited mother dragon, the Great Spirit

that IS in ALL, the exalted ONE!

I AM the one

that is alive and flowing, grounding

with inner knowing soul-full inspiration that awakens

the cosmic expressions among

all human connections.

I AM the one

renewing life

in all directions with balance,


and beauty:

Turning everything

into everlasting,

prosperous and sacred creative manifestations.

I AM the spirit of the mother dragon.

I AM ONE with all elements,

I AM ONE with the Earth.

~I AM the Spirit of the Mother Dragon~

Emelina Holland ©

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