I Honor My Feminine Nature

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

I honor the dark moon,

I honor the deep cosmic womb,

I honor the spiritual fire in my heart,

I honor the feminine waters that nourish life.

I embrace and fully embody who I truly am.

I AM seen, supported and loved by my soul family.

I am free to express my creativity, my sexuality,

and my spirituality.

I AM fully supported by life and by my Earth Mother.

I feed my soul with what nurtures my path,

I share my thoughts, my feelings and I laugh!

I live in joy, I chant and I dance.

I collect wisdom from challenges if they come.

I AM at peace with change

and I easily flow with the changing times.

~I Honor My Feminine Nature~

By Emelina Holland ©

Book available for purchase here.

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