Just Me

Just me,

and the pure clarity of my soul.

I see my essence through my skin,

I feel the magic of Divine love.

I see bright rainbow colors in my blood.

I feel the Earth dancing with my flow…

Just me,

and the natural authentic rhythm

of my key codes.

I AM free!!!


my heart naked,

so safe to play my drums

as my hips celebrate

the moon spirals and the stars.

Just me

and the magical portals

of my sacred womb;

shape shifting into a mermaid

when the ocean calls me to swim;

growing wings with the wind whispers

when the sky invites me to breathe deep.

I stay warm with the sacred fire,

that Divine Flame that nourishes my being…

Just me,

with the sunlight of every moment…

Just me,

completely free from all the noise,

completely flowing with my own

harmonic soul's song.

Completely trusting

the unfolding of every space,

timelines and dimensions;

completely immersed

in every moment

focused only

on my own intentions.

Creating worlds

with love and connection

and every day turns into

a Divine experience

a pleasurable and sacred

creative manifestation.

~Just Me~

Emelina Holland ©

Book available for purchase here.

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