Mary Magdalene's Day

A few days ago,

I was in the company of pines and oaks

with no cell phone reception or internet.

The clouds were moving,

the sunshine was kissing me on and off,

the ravens were chatting,

many birds were singing,

and I was enjoying

hearing it all

when my moon time

began to flow

being called

to be with the ground


the dried pine needles in red.

A little later after that event,

thunder and lighting

began to serenade the place.

Big clouds covered the sky

just above the area where I was.

The rain poured down,

cleansing and nourishing all around.

Everything was transformed

nothing was untouched.

The rain was pouring down and hard.

Then it got dark fast,

and there,

inside my tent,

the storm and I

had long conversations

with so many depths.

The thunder was roaring,

and the lightning was my neighbor.

There was nothing to do

but to wait,

to be quiet

and to listen

to what the storm had to say.

Life and death

were dancing in the same space.

The next morning,

I woke up feeling so much

gratitude and respect

for the magical mysteries that the ravens tell,

for the many songs I hear the birds sing,

and the many stories I enjoy feeling from the wind.

I AM grateful

that the stars and pines

were watching over me.

I ate my breakfast barefoot

with dust all over my arms and face,

dried blood on my thighs

and my pants

were a little bit wet.

But I smiled at the sun

with so much grace.

There I was

with profound humility in my heart,

feeling my soul

in every cell of my flesh.

This is an experience I will never forget,

the time I got my period

deep in the forest

right on Mary Magdalene’s day.


Emelina Holland ©

From Wise Stories of A Curious Mother Crone:

The Magic of Mystical Poetry

--Book coming soon!

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