Mother Dark Moon Is Getting Pregnant By The Summer Solstice

Blessings to you and your loved ones!  I hope this newsletter finds you well.  I want to use this newsletter as an opportunity to connect with you, share some of my insights, and thank you for being part of my community.  This year’s summer solstice will be occurring the day of the night when the dark moon is at its zero point of illumination in my timezone.  Saturday, June 20th will initiate the morning with the energy of the summer solstice and late that night, just before midnight, the day will end with the moon reaching its darkest face (her zero point of illumination). 

I like to call it Mother Dark Moon because it will be in the sign of Cancer “The Crab” but this year, she is getting pregnant by the summer solstice.  It feels as if the Mother-Feminine energy is receiving a powerful dose of healthy and sacred masculine energy within her; one that can protect with wisdom and awareness becoming more preventative, pro-active, and responsive instead of reactive, impulsive, and defensive.  It is like the feminine and masculine energies will become ONE on this day, in harmony, and sustaining a sacred balance: the peak golden shine of the summer going into the receiving chalice of the Mother dark moon.  In her loving surrender, her dancing sacred space, her cosmic void, gets pregnant with creativity in the light of hope.

There is so much going on in the world on so many levels but I also see deep healing and growth everywhere I look.  I hope my newsletter brings valuable wisdom to you and/or at least a touch of peace and inspiration whatever you are.

In this multi-dimensional story, I see a crab standing still on the sand by the seashore with the sun beaming around it or behind it.  Like the dawn rising in the background and the crab is looking straight at me.  I go on the internet to look for an image of a crab with sunshine and I find the image you see at the bottom of this letter.

The crab is the spider of the sea, a lunar symbol, a master of innate wisdom, prosperity, renewal, and rhythm.  As we end this lunar cycle, we see so much transformation and regeneration of people and cultures all around.  Everyone and everything is changing.  Hopefully for the better.  The entire world is experiencing deep healing and rebirth in various levels.  The crab also teaches us to ride the waves of well-being.  Right now, I know of many people who are struggling with either their physical wellness, mental-emotional wellness, and/or financial wellness.

I would like to offer a poem as a prayer for all who can relate; and/or for any of our relations who may be dealing with any of these issues mentioned.

As the dark moon gets pregnant by this summer solstice, may we enter a new moon creative cycle rich with wellness, harmony, love, and prosperity.  Together.

*This poem is inspired by the spoken word of Maya Angelou in the video link attached to this letter titled: “Love Liberates.”  I encourage you to watch it again if you haven’t done so in a while.  One of the best 3-minute videos I have ever watched.  It continues to inspire me and gives me strength when I find myself experiencing challenging times.  Every time I watch it, I feel like she (her spirit) liberates me to life, to live, to keep going, to trust in my unfolding, to care for myself, and to know that I am protected by something greater than me:  “the tenacious flowing-movement of the crab.”

May love liberate you

from any struggles

that you can’t seem to overcome.

May love remind you

of how much support you have around

so that you can perceive it with your eyes

and reach out.

May love liberate you

from any pain

and bring joy back into your heart.

May love remind you

again, again, and again…

Of how amazing and powerful you are.

~Loving Your Great Spirit~

From my heart to yours,

Emelina 😊

3 mins video "Love Liberates" by Maya Angelou

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*Crab image I Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock.

*Couple image on top: Photo courtesy of shutterstock I Digital Art editing by Emelina Holland ©