My Destiny I AM

I AM a dancer

says the moon...

The spirals of my soul's songs

move me

as I sing them with infinite love too.

I AM an artist

of harmonic tunes.

I AM a weaver

of subtle threads

with rainbow colors

and golden hues.

I AM a poet and a painter…

I play with visions, dreams,

symbols, words...

I birth them into reality

as I ground and root.

My heart creates

them abundantly

with the curves of my sacred womb...

As the waves of my mind

swim in silence

I get to see the dawn.

I get to listen to the music

of the day and sunset.

I get to taste the air

and savor the night...

I breathe as I sense and touch,

every step I take,

every moment I can,

I AM fully alive!

Every single cell

in my physical body

is clear and pure loving warmth.

With all timelines merged and aligned,

I AM completely present.

I AM free living wholeness in the now:


womb based,

fully awakened

evergreen spirit,

my Destiny I AM!

~My Destiny I AM~

Emelina Holland ©

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