New Moon Blessings on a Sagittarius New Moon

New Moon blessings! "You do not need to suffer in order to grow." THESE ARE THE REAL TEACHINGS FROM THE ROSE. Sharing this truth on a new moon in Sagittarius. From someone with a moon in Sagittarius. Death and loss however are as natural as life. Just part of life. But you do not need to experience pain and suffering in order to grow. You can learn from mistakes and grow/blossom with ease and grace like roses do. That is if you are a rose. Only people influenced by Catholicism and other religions with similar thinking may preach that they need suffering to blossom. But the actual ROSE in nature teaches something different.

"Why do roses have 'thorns'? Plants have thorns to deter herbivores (animals that eat plants) from eating the leaves that the plant put so much energy into making. This type of defense is known as physical defense, because the plant physically defends against herbivores by poking them.

Interestingly, rose thorns are not actually thorns. “Thorn” is used to describe a plant with branches modified for physical defense. Because the pointy projections of a rose bush are modified epidermal cells (similar to skin cells in humans), roses do not have thorns, they have prickles.",against%20herbivores%20by%20poking%20them

"Thorns are modified leaf stems or parts of leaves, while prickles grow from the epidermis or cortex. Rose prickles serve to keep away predators. Rose plants are tasty, according to deer. The prickles, sometimes brightly colored, say “keep away!”,also%20directed%20at%20yhibernate.

"Why did roses develop thorns?

Introduction. Why do roses have thorns? The answer seems self-evident: Thorns, spines and prickles are plants' defensive weaponry, making their most precious parts unpalatable — even untouchable — to big plant-eaters, like deer and other mammals."

"Similar to hibernation in animals, roses and other woody plants go through a dormant (rest) period in the winter. The first step to winterizing roses is to keep them healthy through the growing season. Gardeners should protect roses from insect and disease damage and maintain adequate fertility and moisture.",maintain%20adequate%20fertility%20and%20moisture.

So the Rose blossoms with ease and grace because it knows how to protect itself and its tenderness from herbivores. It protects its delicate petals as they unfold. The Rose plant is a very intelligent and protective plant. She is not easily fooled and understands the science of energy management and energy efficiency. It doesn't die in the winter, it just hibernates.

On another note, I had a lovely dinner with good friends today but as we were leaving their house, they were notified that one of their close relatives (a grand aunt) had just passed away. So we had yummy food, beautiful company topped with a bit of a sour and sad cherry by those unfortunate news.

I am feeling gratitude for life as I have it to enjoy and I am sending love to all those grieving the loss of something valued or a loved one this evening.



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