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I felt called to share a newsletter at this time with all of you here in my community and I hope this letter finds you well.  The moon is dark in my time zone as I type this.  Zero percent illumination, nowhere to be seen up in the sky from where I stand but I feel it deep inside of me.  I feel like a Bear inside its cave for a break.  Perhaps many of you can relate.  Perhaps many of you could also appreciate this message.  There is a lot of change going on around the world that one cannot contain.  There is life being birthed, growth to be observed, and there is also death.  In the longevity lane, some trees stand tall while others have dried up from the lack of rain.  But the Bear says:


The Bear seeks the sweetness of life in the honey of truth found in the sacred practice of introspection.  Bear is nourished by the placenta of the pure void of creation; nurtured faithfully by the eternal essence that mother us all.  Inside her womb-cave, Bear digests experience to turn it into practical wisdom for the benefit of everyday life.  Bear goes in to explore, to then come out with what is gained or learned:

A treasure to be cherished,

a treasure obtained from the unknown

that can be useful to the elements of physical reality.

Now for Bear, physical reality appears to be mutable and transforming by the expansiveness of the eternal universal source that is in us all.  That is why, deep within is where Bear finds all the solutions and answers that are harmoniously aligned with any concerns or questions that may come up about the practical aspects of reality; including who to reach out to, for what, why, when and how.

Then I hear Bear say:

“Journey within to connect with your Divine Source.  Remember to taste again those delicious old and new dreams the way a Bear would enjoy a piece of honeycomb.  Be strong.  Trust your inner knowing and bring those dreams to life with the magic of your creative expressions.  Deep within, where the rich silence nourishes you with contemplation, there, you can hear the river of inspiration…The fluid one that sprouts from the core of your soul.  Feel this dancing creative fire in your body, in every cell of your flesh, and in your bones...Trust yourself as you act.  Stand firm on your ground as you birth these dreams of yours.  Nourish them faithfully.  Love and protect them with all your heart.  They will flourish in their own time.  Each dream has a life of its own.  Just like little bear cubs, take care of them, guide them, and never leave them alone.”

I used to go visit Shash often--An American Black Bear at my local animal sanctuary.  He was rescued as a cub after his mother was killed by a hunter.  My son and I would watch him eat, relax and sometimes bathe.  We miss going there.  It is a good place where we also got to meet many families.  Some of these people are still alive; others may have already left the Earth for various reasons (known and unknown).   But Black Bear speaks firmly, it says: “BE STRONG.”

Photo of Black Bear is Shash from Heritage Park Zoo.

Let your tears be a prayer

in the midst of any loss,

but remember

that there is still some honey

in life

waiting for you to hold.

Blessed be all the departed souls

that were cherished and loved,

including the forgotten that were never known.

May their families

find the peace needed

to regain hope.

May they feel

their loving connection

from where ever they are

in spirit world.

May they find

within their hearts

inner strength and all the support


to continue to flow.

So that their dreams don’t perish,

so that their dreams

can be birthed into this world.

For each of you

carry an inner treasure,

that can deliver sweetness to life,

turning difficult moments

into beautiful pieces of joy.

~Blessings From Black Bear~

From my heart to yours,


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