Sonoran Desert Flower

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

A Yaqui Deer Dancer of the Sonoran desert came to me in a vision. But in this multi-dimensional ceremony, he transforms into a woman. The Yaqui deer dancer is traditionally a male, chosen by the deer spirit and it is a sacred calling that is passed down from generation to generation. The deer dancer is chosen. “La Danza del Venado” is a ceremony where the deer hunters commune with nature and the spirit of the deer, asking nature and the deer for permission; as well as to bless their hunt so that this hunting practice can remain in balance with the laws of the land.

But in this vision, the deer dancer transforms into a woman. There is no deer hunt to contemplate. He has transformed into a woman because the Yaqui people no longer dance to hunt for deer, they dance now to remember and to heal from what colonization did to them. The Yaqui deer dancer in this vision has transformed into a woman because after all those many years of deer dancing, he remembered, and now, she has so many stories to tell. That is how she becomes the deer dancer, la cantadora (the singer), la contadora (the storyteller), and la curandera (the healer).

“I am being called to dance,

sing, story tell, and heal.

I am here to protect

and nurture the young.

I am here to show them

new ways to be.


sacred spirit of the deer!


And stay with me!

Keep the fire in my heart

steady and warm.

Come to me

and give me a hand.

Help me protect my home,

and vanish all evil

from the waters, air, and land.”

~Sonoran Desert Flower~

Emelina Holland ©

From Wise Stories of A Curious Mother Crone:

The Magic of Mystical Poetry

Book available for purchase here.

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“Flowing Sonoran Desert Flower”

Pencil drawing on paper by Emelina Holland ©

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