The Music Of My Drums

When I was young

I aspired

to be a beautiful model

but life taught me

that it is more important

to become

a role model;

and there is a chance

that I may get

to BE both…

So I put

my red lipstick on

I brushed my hair


decorated it

with a red rose!

I AM moving fire

when I dance

to the music

of my drums.

I enjoy this life

every second,

each time I breathe

I do my best

just so that I know

my conscious is clear.

For the day

that I decide to part,

I want to leave

with zero regrets.

I don’t want

to take anything

with me.

Only a smile on my face

that will tell you

about my life story:





a life well lived.

~The Music of My Drums~

Emelina Holland ©

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