With The Flow Of Your Hands

Even when you are far I feel the way

you touch me.

Even when you are sad I feel the way

you love me so deep.

Even in your darkest nights I see how you want me.

Even when you are far I feel you here....

Even when the time is erased I still

remember everything.

Every moment with you is edged


my deepest memory.

You are the air

the cleans my lungs from my daily insanity...

You are the fire

that burns my blood into my best reality....

Hike me explore the deepest trails

of my soul with the flow of your hands sculpt my body from scratch...

Hug me make me melt

into your heart where I can become the brightest light that helps you find...

Whatever you are looking for....

~With The Flow Of Your Hands~

Emelina Holland ©

Book available for purchase here.

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