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I am a father to three grown up sons, and a grandfather to six grandkids.

I am an Absolute Lover of Nature, having developed a Profound Connection with All That Is!

I am walking out there quite a lot daily looking up for Beauty, Magik and Miracles all around which I try to Capture and Expose through Photography - simple, using only my cell phone.

I am a Seeker of Truth, a Mystic, a Spiritual Life Coach, an Ascension Guide.

I devoted my whole life, making a priority of my personal and spiritual development.

In December 2015, I Decided to Totally Surrender My Life to God / Source / Consciousness and this lead me into a Totally Unexpected Journey Exploring the Depth of the Unknown, Challenging me to always Greater Faith and Trust in myself/MySelf as in God as in the Process itself... quite an Adventure!

I am now committed, while still moving forward on my own path, to support My Brothers and Sisters of this World along their own Spiritual Path and Ascension Process; and, as importantly, to BEing an Ambassador of Light and Love during these trasitional times to the New Earth - Magnificent Mother Gaia.

Alain Deguire / Alayana

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