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Volume 1 Album of Sacred and Magical Conversations is an organic presentation where I get to connect with everyone (men and women) who is interested in joining this Sacred Space with an open mind and an open heart.   Here, I share my wisdom and some of my intimate insights with love and with my best intentions in order to gently explore the following questions gifted to me by some of the beautiful men in my circle:

*As a Spiritual Enlightened man who values his Divine Light and Love so much, why do I still have this strong primal sexual power within me? Where does it come from?

*How do I allow myself to express it in my life or should I not allow this?

*What part does the Muse play in creativity?

*What part does sensuality play in creativity?

*What part does sexuality play in creativity?

*What part does spirituality play in creativity?

*Are they just variations of each other?

*Are they each an expression of each other?

*Can they exist autonomously?

In this album, I get to explore an introductory layer (for about 60 minutes) regarding these subjects, and I share with you in Sacred Conversation, my inner knowing and wisdom that is based on creative and practical-mystical knowledge supported by my holistic experience of life.


I will be sharing a deeper level regarding these subjects in Volume 2.  Thank you for your time and attention.  I hope you find it pleasurable.  Enjoy!

"Dear Emelina

I just want to say to you that I absolutely love this beautiful open hearted conversations about such sacred divine subject yet so badly understood by many.  As a Self Love Life Coach,  I know just how important it is to embrace our own divinity with love and acceptance for all that we are. We carry within us the energies that create worlds, and even though we are not to conscious about it, deep within us we know this, we create lives with it, our offsprings are the direct manifestation of it, and there is nothing more powerful to our own self realization than to acknowledge those  energies as something beautiful and sacred and use it to express our own unique creative power.  When we do we will tap into the infinite power of oneness and nothing can be more important than that.  Its time to stop seeing the sexual energies as something bad, dirty or primitive and embrace it as sacred and magnificent  nectar of life  that it is, an extraordinary tool that when utilized with high awareness is a direct bridge that connect us with the cosmos.  Thank you so much for  opening  yourself up with such open and vulnerable  heart and have the courage to bring forth to the public  such important discussion. I could feel the beauty and multidimensionality of your soul  expressing itself through your words.  I am so looking forward to listen some more.  Sending you infinite love and blessings.  From my heart to yours."


~Teresa Da Silva~

Self Love Life Coach


"If you are looking for a fresh voice concerning the combination of sensuality, sexuality, and spirituality as it relates to your creative spirit then you need to give Emelina a good portion of you attention. Spoken with sensitivity and understanding."


Timothy Pissano/Artist & Poet


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